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Zen Spa was Crea​ted to Create a Zen You, so that You ca​n Create a Zen World

Our Services


Anti-Aging Facial

Cream-based cleansing, followed by a firming mask, followed by Essential Essences applied to specific Meridians, followed by Japanese Facial Massage. $225

Youthful Glow Facial

Japanese Essential Essences facial cleansing utilized to accomplish a youthful glow, followed by a Hydrating Mask and Herbal Essences, followed by Japanese Facial Massage. $225

Hydrating Facial

Roses, roses, and more roses are gloriously utilized via cleansing, toning, and facial massage (a Japanese hydrating technique, hydrating mask, hydrating Essential Essences) - followedby Japanese Facial Massage. $225

Zen Face Facial

Hydrating Milk Cleanse, Zen Hydrating Anti-Aging mask, followed by Japanese Herbal Dewy Facial Massage (Japanese hydrating toners used throughout the treatment). $225

Seasonal Body Treatments

Your Choice of 60, 80, or 90 minutes

All Treatments Start at $225

Winter Treatment 

  • Skin-loving sugar scrub followed by goat-milk butter and Zen Essential Essences that reflects the season
  • Steamy Hot Towel and Arnica anti-inflammatory muscle treatment
  • Steamy Thai Herbal Ball massage and Thai Herbal anti-inflammatory muscle treatment
  • Warm Mu-Xing Bamboo massage - great for pure relaxation and removal of Qi stagnation

Summer Treatment

  • Salt and peppermint cooling Japanese Vichy Shower treatment, followed by Cucumber Hydrating skin nourishment 

Spring Treatment

  • Sweet Cherry Blossom nourishing renewal Skin Polish, followed by goat milk hydrating treatment
  • Spring brightening sugar scrub treatment, followed by honey and milk hydrating treatment
  • Sweet orange, lemon salt, and sugar scrubs to brighten your skin. Followed by skin softening Hinoki treatment. Leaving the skin with a beautiful Spring glow. 

Autumn Treatment

  • Spiced sugar exfoliating body treatment followed by skin softening Milk Hydrator

Zen Massages

Warm Basalt Mountain Stone Massage (60, 80, or 90 minutes)

We use warm stones throughout the body to melt away stressors, leaving you in a state of bliss. Starts at $288.00

Goddess Aromatherapy Blissful Massage (60, 80, or 90 minutes)

Customized aromatherapy just for you, followed by blissful beautiful customized massage. Starts at $225.00

Deep Muscle Asian Massage (60, 80, or 90 minutes)

Deep muscle therapeutic touch that removes stagnations, trigger points, muscle soreness. It also improves range of motion. Starts at $225.00 

Steamy Towels and Arnica Treatment ( 80 or 90 minutes)

This luxurious, anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, muscle soreness relief, anti-stress treatment will leave you in a state of bliss. Starts at $288.00

Zen-full Rose Mother-to-be Massage (60 minutes)

A very relaxing massage treatment for both Prenatal and Postnatal mothers. $192.00

Eastern Traditio​nal Massages

Thai Floor Mat Massage (80 or 90 minutes) 

A traditional Thai massage filled with intentional stretching, compression, acupressure, and pressure-point techniques that follows the Meridians of the body. This treatment is excellent for increasing flexibility, decreasing pain, removing stagnation of the blood and lymph, and general overall health and wellness of the mind, body, and spirit. Starts at $350.00 

Thai Herbal Ball (80 or 90 minutes)

A traditional treatment from Thailand. The Herbal Balls contain 12 native healing herbs harvested from the mountains of Thailand. These medicinal herbal balls are steeped in warm water to activate the herbs then applied to pain/inflammatory areas of the body. This treatment is guaranteed to bring relief. Starts at $288.00 

Warm Mu-Xing Bamboo Massage (60, 80, or 90 minutes) 

Great for pure relaxation and removal of Qi (blood) stagnation. Starts at $225.00

Couples Massages

Mommy and Me (2.5 hours, $525.00)

  • Spa Rain shower
  • Warm Herbal infused soak
  • Medical grade Infrared sauna
  • A glorious 60 minute Rose and Neroli aromatherapy massage 
  • Followed by tea service and fruit plates

Best Friends Massage (2.5 hours, $525.00

  • Spa Rain shower
  • Warm and soothing Herbal infused soak
  • Medical grade Infrared sauna
  • 60 minutes Geranium and Sweet Orange uplifting massages
  • Followed by tea service and fruit plates

Romance Package (3.5 hours, $625.00)

  • Spa Rain shower
  • Warm soothing, heart nurturing deep Japanese bath soak
  • Medical grade Infrared sauna
  • A heart nurturing Ylang-Ylang and Hinoki soothing 80 minute massage
  • Your choice of wine and a cheese and fruit plate -or- champagne with strawberries or tea and fruit plate by the fireplace

Healing the Heart Massage (2.5 hours, $525.00)

  • Spa rain shower
  • Warm and soothing Herbal infused soak
  • Medical grade Infrared sauna
  • 60 minutes heartwarming essential Roses, Jasmine, and Ylang-Ylang soothing massage
  • Your choice of wine and cheese plate -or- champagne and strawberries or tea service and fruit plates by the fireplace
  • Red or pink Rose 

Zen Onsen Treatments

Japanese Hinoki Essential Essence Vichy and Onsen Bath (3.5 hours, $575.00)

  • Spa rain shower
  • Vichy table shower and herbal steam detox, followed by a Japanese style body exfoliation and milk nourish
  • Hinoki meditative Onsen soak
  • 60 minute Hinoki Massage
  • Your treatment ends with warm tea service and fruit plate by the Zen fireplace leaving you feeling renewed, rejuvenated, and rehydrated

Zen Body Nurture and Nourish (2.5 hours, $525.00)

  • Spa rain shower
  • Vichy table followed by Zen body polish and nourish
  • Infrared sauna
  • Cold and hot plunge
  • 60 minutes Hinoki essential massage
  • Ends with tea service and a fruit plate 

Zen Walk (1 hour, $225.00)

  • Spa rain shower
  • Medical grade Infrared sauna
  • Hot and cold plunge
  • Tea service and a fruit plate

Instant Rejuvenation 

All Treatments Start at $192

Head, Neck, and Shoulders Balancing Massage (45 minutes)

Zen Peppermint Renewal Feet Reflexology Massage and Salt Scrub (45 minutes)

Zen Deep Tissue Combined with Warm Towels and Aromatherapy Oils (60 minutes)

Zen Swedish Massage - Combination of Lomi Lomi and Long Swedish Strokes - with Lavender Essential Oils (60 minutes) 

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